Get the information, not boxes..

There’s a great amount of Facility Data created throughout the design and construction process.  The data may be out there, but all you’ll get will be boxes of drawings, spreadsheets and mails..

It’s pretty much useless unless that data is transformed into Operational Knowledge. We investigate your data. Perform quality control tests on them. Structure them into the information you need.

We deliver the information in the format best suited for your needs. We create Room Data Sheets (RDS), COBie outputs, IFC exports and any exchange format your Facility Management Software can utilize.


Ignoring the OPEX won’t change the bill!

Everybody in the business knows about the Evans Ratio. The more realistic ratio is somewhere around 1 / 1.5 / 15 (Building Cost / Operating Cost / Salary of Occupants).

No matter which numbers you prefer, the message is the same:

  • Your operation costs will exceed the capital costs in a short period of time. OPEX is not an investment and its containment is crucial. Operation is a process and we deliver the necessary information and tools to support you.
  • Don’t put costs before occupant comfort. The numbers clearly shows that your greatest asset is your people. We understand that your operations not only involves maintenance and inspections, but health, safety, security and comfort of your occupants!


Make more informed decisions faster!

We utilize Computational BIM, Data Mining techniques and our Custom Coded Tools to enable you to gain more insight into critical operations, across the project, and drive better outcomes in every aspect of your investment.

From the 4d Analysis of the schedule to Progress Reports,  Model Based Take-Offs to Cost Analysis, Clash Detection Reports to Issue Tracking..

Everyone in your organization will get the right information at the right time!

We are RedHotBIM


Strategic Planning

BIM is beginning with the end in mind. Higher return on a capital expenditure requires strategic BIM Execution Planning.


BIM facilitates collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information.


BIM provides the right information to the right people at the right time where it counts.. The site!


Bringing in the building information to the management phase greatly reduces operational expenses.