Because AEC Industry today, is far from being efficient.

Paul Teicholz’s (Stanford University) diagram clearly shows the productivity decline in the industry.

A Successful BIM Planing and BIM Management enable to better control the processes, thus greatly reducing the contingency ratios.

This may be the single most important reason why more and more Owners, Financiers and Insurers  are demanding BIM in the contracts.

BIM contracts vastly impact many of your work practices. We’ll interpret your BIM contract and guide you achieve these terms.


Burden or Blessing? Your Choice..

The construction industry is undergoing a fundamental change. A revolutionary tool called Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the reason.

BIM is rapidly transforming complex building processes, speeding project completion, lowering costs and improving overall quality at the same time.

BIM is the process of constructing a 3D digital information model in conjunction with, or before embarking on a real-world construction project.

BIM means building twice, first on the computer and then in the field. As you are building the actual building, it’s expected from you to build the highly developed digital models.

McGraw Hill Construction 2013 diagram indicates that the more you’re engaged with BIM, the better Return On Investment you’ll achieve.

We’ll work with you to deliver your BIM models and harvest the benefits of doing BIM.


Make more informed decisions faster!

We utilize Computational BIM, Data Mining techniques and our Custom Coded Tools to enable you to gain more insight into critical operations, across the project, and drive better outcomes in every aspect of your project.

From the 4d Analysis of the schedule to Progress Reports,  Model Based Take-Offs to Cost Analysis, Clash Detection Reports to Issue Tracking..

Everyone in your organization will get the right information at the right time!

We are RedHotBIM


Strategic Planning

BIM is beginning with the end in mind. Higher return on a capital expenditure requires strategic BIM Execution Planning.


BIM facilitates collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information.


BIM provides the right information to the right people at the right time where it counts.. The site!


Bringing in the building information to the management phase greatly reduces operational expenses.